Turntable to use with micromanager

Hi, I’m looking to setup an automated image capture system with a turn table. does anyone know of any turntable’s that are supported by umanager and linux? nothing stuck out to me in the umanager settings.

for reference, something like https://www.ortery.com/photography-equipment/360-product-photography/photocapture-360


** Commercial response ** ASI makes several motorized rotating stages. The RS-3000 is probably the best one for this application and it would be easy to make a larger circular plate. Drawings here. Micro-Manager is well-supported with all ASI controllers and drivers are rarely a problem (RS232 or serial over USB).

PS: maybe worth adding the micro-manager tag to this post?

Thanks @JonD. can you link me to the rs-3000? i can’t find it or pricing on your site.

I sent you more details in a direct message. You can also email me jon@asiimaging.com.

Your post made me realize that this product is semi-hidden on the website, which should be fixed soon.