Thorlabs MCM3000 series stage and Basler Camera control software

I was hoping to get some assistance regarding using Micro-Manager to control an MCM3000 Thorlabs Stage Controller (Compact Controllers for Microscopy) and a Basler camera (pylon Open Source).

I have search your website for support with this particular controller (MCM3001) but it seems there is no such support. I have also searched the forum and found no help. I spoke with Thorlabs representatives and they informed me I could possibly use Micro-Manager, however it would require that the SDK files be modified or using serial commands. That is as much as they could assist me.

Is there any way you could provide me assistance in this matter? If someone already has software to help with this problem that would be great! But I imagine this is not the case. So if not either providing me some example code or pointing me in the right direction so that I may accomplish this task? I lightly looked over some of the Micro-manager documentation, but would not know where to start.