Is Leica TCS LSI macroconfocal compatible with micromanager?


We have a leica TCS LSI macroconfocal in the lab ( The version that we have does not have a camera. It works very well for now as a confocal system, but I would like to add a camera on it to have the possibility to do widefield Z stacks of fluorescent samples. Unfortunately the LAS software controlling it is outdated, does not allow the control of a camera, and updates to newer versions of LAS will apparently not be compatible with the hardware according to Leica.

So I am wondering if micromanager would work. I have no experience with micromanager so far, but I could see that a lot of the Leica hardware seems to be compatible. However I didn’t find any information about the super Z galvo stage. Does anyone have experience with this and may know if we will be able to use fully our Leica TCS LSI system with micromanager?

I am also wondering if having LAS and micromanager installed in parallel (although not running in parallel) may cause any conflicts or irreversibly alter our current set up?



Hi Stéphane,

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will post it there as well!

@nico.stuurman might be around to answer…