Microscope manufacturer with best support in Micro-Manager

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Hi all,

I’m in the process of setting up a new microscopy lab that will use two fully automated epi-fluo systems. The plan is to use proprietary software at the start to get up and running quickly but switch to Micro-Manager eventually. We are talking to distributors of all of the Big Four, and starting to get a good picture of their respective strengths and weaknesses. Whats missing is a good picture of the support in Micro-Manager for the different manufacturers. I’m aware that I can check the Device Support list on the MM website, and that all systems we’re looking at are represented, but what i’m after is some more detailed insight in how well the systems work in terms of supported features and bugs/crashes. The systems we’re looking at are:

Nikon Ti2-E with PFS
Olympus IX83 with ZDC2
Leica DMi8 with AFC
Zeiss Axio Observer 7 with Definite Focus

We are considering using hardware synchronization for fast acquisison, which all the manufacturers support in different ways.

What are your experiences with the different manufacurers? Which ones are more frequently used among the MM community? Are any of them better suited for third party SW control?

Suggestions for other third party mic control softwares is of course also welcome, as well as general input on the performance and possible drawbacks for the different manufacturers.

Best regards