PC recomendations for a micro-manager aquisition system

I’m looking to replace the old Windows7 PC that runs micro-manager and controls my Leica DMI6000B motorized fluorescence microscope. I’ve also got an Andor Zyla CMOS camera, an ASI X/Y stage, and a Lumencor SpectraX light engine. From the Micro-Manager site, I understand I need be mindful of having USB ports on seperate busses in order to maintain high-bandwith. Can anyone recommend a Dell or similar PC that fits the bill?

Thanks, -David

Are using USB for the Andor Zyla? Or Camera Link? If you are using USB for the Zyla you might consider getting a separate PCIe USB card just for the camera, they are quite cheap but you need the free slot on the mother board. None of the other peripherals you list should need that much bandwidth, so at least I wouldn’t worry about them all being on the same bus.


Thanks for the reply, that is very helpful. The camera currently goes to a USB 3.0 PCIe card in the old PC, since 3.0s were not common when the system was first built. Andor said I could skip the board and use a standard USB 3.0 port in a modern computer. I think I’ll aim to get a PC with enough USB 3.2 ports and have PCIe slots available if needed.