Third party Service for PerkinElmer UltraView VoX

Hi Everyone! I’ve got a PerkinElmer Ultraview vox spinning disk confocal. The lasers seem to be on their way out and work only intermittently. PerkinElmer has discontinued support of the system.

Does anyone know of a third party that can service these confocals in the southeast US (Atlanta, GA)?

Dear @Aaron ,
I do not have an answer to your question but do have a suggestion. That system is very much outdated and the camera on your phone is probably more sensitive that the one installed. I would talk to Nikon. Nikon NIS can drive (may be metamorph too) the actual spinning disk inside. With a new camera (even an industrial CMOS) and a couple of lasers and you would have a very nice system.

You could try BioVision. @Fernando

Have you thought about resurrecting the system with a Laser Free Confocal unit? That way you do not have to worry about lasers again and it will be a very affordable route. Chat to Anat Sharoni ( and she will be able to help you.

Hi Aaron,
There is a company in the UK doing such 2rd party service. Let me know if you want to connect with them, they might also know whom to contact in the US.