NIH S10 app for aging instruments

I like to hear from people who have submitted applications (or were somehow involved or have knowledge of outcomes) for the NIH S10 RFA for instruments to replace old, aging, end of service coverage equipment. Info on all types welcome, but I think the most relevant at this time is laser scanning confocal. I have received word that the Zeiss 700s series will end service contracts as of Sept 30, 2022. There are ways to have third party coverage, and I in fact do have coverage of a Zeiss 510 currently. But the addition of the 700 series to phase out puts 1/2 of my laser scanning confocals (4/8) as “old” and no longer covered by Zeiss. Service coverage is often essential for core facilities, though I realize that may not be something other labs do. What are people’s experience applying for, getting feedback and perhaps funding for old/aging confocals when capacity is needed. Is the amount of usage hours key? lab’s projects? replacement OK? with same or different vendor? or should you look to have new feature / technology?

I’ve started asking around and heard of no funding for need for capacity (showing hours of use did not get them the grant). But also heard from another core director who was successful with this angle in the past (maybe there are trends?) I guess the jury is still out on funding for this type of need for applications submitted Jun 1,2020. But would be great to hear who was successful and who was not.
Ping me and glad to share the info I learn.