Spinning disk advice

I am looking to purchase a new spinning disk system to replace our aging CV7000. Does anyone have a favorite system to work with 384-well formats?


Hi Elad
We like the Crest optics spinning disk on a Nikon Ti2. Very large FOV and works with any sample format. :slight_smile:
Hope that helps

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Thanks - I sent a request for more information from Crest.

I also recommend the CrestOptics X-Light V3. I installed this one for our customer last year.

Thanks. My question to Crest was whether this would work with a 384-well plate. Still awaiting reply…

Hi Elad, we can help you out (3i) – we’ve been designing/integrating spinning disk systems for 20+ years. Different options scope and SDC wise and our software does indeed support 384-well plates. Marianas - 3i for the information you’re looking for. Happy to make a connection to our team if you email me directly via [my-first-name]{at} intelligent-imaging.com or connect to sales via our website, of course.

Hi Elad. I am not from Crest but we have 2 of them. The answer is yes.

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