Any old Olympus FV1000 users?

Hoping to get some help getting an old confocal system up and running. Seems like everything powers up, but the issue is the system talking to the PC (it has the Olympus software on the PC, but it does not seem to detect any hardware that is connected). If anyone would be willing to lend some pointers, it would be much appreciated.

If I remember correctly there were PCI cards that went along with the hardware. Do you have those?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, the PCI card is there. It is connected via the I have since found that the PC can actually talk to the scan heads - if I run the executable file, I can hear the scanners move, and I am able to change filters/mirrors. It seems Olympus have discontinued support for this system, but I hope for a fee they would consider taking a look at it.

Are you using the FV1000 for anything other than confocal imaging (FLIM, photostimulation, etc.)? I know the FV1000 isn’t at all supported anymore, but there are a few inexpensive confocal options that were just released this past year.

One is the CrestOptics CICERO:

We have several packages that include camera, light source and spinning disk for just under $50k.

Hamamatsu just released a line scanning confocal that is budget friendly:

Just food for thought in case the FV1000 communication issue can’t be resolved.

We wanted to use it for FLIM, but by attaching our own detectors, so in principle any confocal would do. However, it would be a shame buying a new microscope, when this should be working perfectly fine (minus the silly software issue).

Thank you for the suggestions nontheless!

Agreed! Getting the FV1000 to work would be the best option. I just wanted to share some inexpensive options if it’s not possible. Both options would allow you to use the existing microscope frame (any IX series microscope).

Hi Vytas!

I was wondering if you’ve managed to get the confocal working now?

If not, I was wondering if this might be an issue with the Windows version &/or a Windows update?

I’ve been experiencing a range of Olympus software issues this year and was recently informed by a colleague that the software is incompatible with Windows 11 and possibly some other recent Windows changes.

Hi Voxylmicroscopes, alas your website seems down. I’m very curious for more information on the CICERO and whether it has reasonable functionality.