Qimaging Exi Aqua produces flashing images with horizontal lines on micromanager


we recently updated one of our lab computers to Windows10. The computer controls an axiovert200M through micromager 1.4.23. We have a Qimaging Exi Aqua camera, which was interfaced through micromanager via the Qcam adapter (QCam).
However, the camera is a legacy camera and the latest driver available was developed for Windows7 (QCAM Since the update (previously the camera was running on a Windows XP computer controlled with the ZEISS software) the camera has been producing flashing images through micromanager with horizontal lines. Do you think there is any solution to this?
We tried all steps suggested by Teledyne:

  1. Use the latest QCAM
  2. Provide enough power to the camera.
  3. Use the FireWire card from UniBrain company.
  4. Make sure Thesycon driver is installed for the FireWire card.
  5. You may try installing the FireWire card into a different PCI/PCIe slot.
    But nothing changed.


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