Qcam in micro manager

I am trying to run Qimaging Rolera-XR om micro-manager in Windows 10, but in hardware configuration wizard Qcam listed as unavailable. How can I do it? on micro-manager website Qcam listed as supported hardware.

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Do you have the legacy QCam drivers (https://www.qimaging.com/software) installed and does the camera work with the software provided? If so, you may want to ask Teledyne for support.

Hi Nico. Thank you for your response. I did install drivers from Qimaging. The problem is that they don’t support this old Rolera-XR. The legacy drivers don’t work on Win 10. Vendor suggested to try, saying that for somebody it works but for others not. Bottom line is that new q-capture (software from Qimaging) requires a dongle but the old version didn’t. It is not necessarily that drivers will run this camera on Win 10 even if we buy this dongle.

I am just curious whether I can somehow run this camera on micro-manager? May be not because camera drivers not for Win 10.

The Micro-Manager device adapter code talks to the drivers to communicate with the camera. So, if the drivers do not work, MM will not help.

What is the problem with the old drivers on Win 10? Sometimes there are issues with drivers not being signed, but there are ways around that (involving configuring Win10 to run unsigned drivers). If this is purely a software issue, I sure hope that Teledyne will help you make the camera work again!


Thanks. I will ask them ones more.