Precise temeprature control in microscopy

Since the spring 2020 Interherence has been selling the microheating system VAHEAT, which measures and controls the temperature directly in the field of view of your high resolution microscope.

We have generated a lot of interest in several specific communities like DNA nanotechnology, Archaeal live cell imaging, chemistry of colloids and nanorobots. In these fields, VAHEAT is an enabling technology for microscopy of temperature sensitive processes that could not be imaged before.

We would be interested in the requirements scientists from other fields and facility leaders usually have for a heated microscope stages to broaden our customer base and adjust our offer so that it is attractive also for mainstream live cell imaging at 37°C.

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Does this system cheaper/comparable in price in comparison to conventional environmental chambers for microscopes?

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Hi Oleg, we think we are cheaper than other commercial environmental chambers. However, with our system you have to reorder consumables from time to time-the Smart Substrates, which are these functionalized coverslips and they are designed as multi use-disposable.
I can tell you that the scientists, who benefit from our device and who can do new experiments thanks to it, don’t ever mention our pricing as an issue.
You can request a quote:

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Dear all, if you are interested in temperature control in light microscopy, you can sign up for our webinar next week on Wednesday. The focus will be on various live imaging setups: lattice light sheet and imaging extremophiles.