Re-usable live cell chamber


Do people have a favorite re-usable live cell chamber? The Attofluor checks all of my boxes, but I’m wondering what else is out there.


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I used the Attofluor™ Cell Chamber, but I found that if one is not careful it is possible to break the coverslip if it is too tight. Otherwise it is fine.

If the cost of the Attofluor is an issue you could consider 3D printing coverslip holders. See:

I for example made a coverslip holder that I can connect to a water bath for temperature control and it fits on a slide holder

It worked quite well.


I second the Attofluor cell, we use them in our facility all the time. When you keep good care of them the breaking of coverslips and leakage are not an issue at all.

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You can check there as well:

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