Live cell heat shock on microscope

I’m looking for suggestions on how to induce heat shock in live cells/yeast on a microscope. What device do you use to meet the fast temperature change in order to induce heat shock? I found the VAHEAT system from BostonElectronics. Has anyone used it?

Thank you!:grin:

You could use the Cherry-Temp - allows for rather quick temperature ramping. We use one of those.


Thank you Josef. I asked for the price, it’s too expensive… Seems like not many people do heat shock on a microscope…

To induce a heat shock, I place the sample in a plate incubator for 5 mins and transfer the sample to the microscope with an on-stage incubator maintained at the temperature of interest.

Thank you vrkrishn! What objective do you use? Our user needs the 100x for yeast. I’m not sure how the higher temperature affects the objective.

we use Olympus TIRF UApo N100X N.A. = 1.49 oil immersion objective,

you can rotate the dial and use the for higher temperature it works fine at least upto 42 C.

That’s good to know. I’m always a little worried about objective performance and lifetime under higher temperature, but there doesn’t seem to have any ways to avoid it.

My understanding is that repeated changes in temperature are more detrimental than simply heating a lens to something like 37. We tend to keep lenses on “live cell” rigs permanently heated to avoid unnecessary temperature cycles.

(Though if you’re pushing it much higher than 37, I would definitely check with the manufacturer)

Thanks Telly! We will probably just purchase another objective just for the heatshock users.