Heat shock induction in petri dish

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for an efficient system to induce heat shock (45 degrees) on plant organs (meristems) placed in petri dishes and observed under an upright confocal microscope. I need to image whilde inducing the heat shock (from RT to 45°C, not necessary very fast)

In practice the organs are inserted in agarose 1% in in a petri dish and covered by liquid culture medium, the imaging is done using an immersion objective.

I’m wondering if it would be efficient to use a perfusion system combined with a temperature controller to change the temperature or if a petri dish heater would be sufficient?
Does anybody have ever used this kind of system: Open heated perfusion chamber for Water Immersion Objectives of upright and long working distance objectives of inverted microscopes, TC-WI, temperature controlled microscope stages with a temperature controller for example to do a heat shock while imaging.

Thanks a lot in advance for you tips or suggestions,