Offset and HyD Detectors?

Probably a dumb question… but why is Smart Offset disabled for HyD detectors? If zero values are not good for PMTs, then why are they allowed for HyDs?

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The bottom half of the HyD is solid state and does not leak current like a PMT circuit does. The need for PMT offset is to delete this current, so you only record signal changes due to the arrival of light. Since HyD detectors have a fixed and steady zero, no offset correction is needed.

I must say that I would have preferred that HyD detectors started at 1 instead of zero, as the sea of green can be distracting compared to a black background, when using the QLUT feature. Leica could easily do this on all-HyD systems with a simple substitution of color palette. But in mixed systems, you need to see how much zero you are getting when tweaking the PMT offsets.

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Thanks for your reply!