Airyscan - offset & bit depth


  1. When doing an Airyscan acquisition (say, on an 880), is a user able to misuse offset and set the “empty” regions of their image to zero?
  2. Does Airyscan processing do that for you?
  3. What’s the bit-depth of the Airyscan processed image?

I don’t have access to an Airyscan system or I’d check myself.


Hi Will,

  1. Nope - offset is not available during raw data acquisition and in theory is compensated for in processing. How good this is will likely depend on behind the scenes calibrations. The later versions of ZEN Blue do a bit better job with this - and if you use ZEN Black for processing there is even an offset shift that can be applied that adds ~10K levels into the bottom part of the dynamic range. This can be useful if the calculations generate any negative offsets.

  2. See above.

  3. The final processed image is 16 bit - though you can collect the raw data in 8,12 or 16 bit modes.



Thanks for the quick and thorough response, Jason!