What does HyD Detector gain

Dear all,
I was wondering if you know what the gain in the HyD detector is doing (for instance on the Leica laser scanning confocals)?

My feeling is that it is something like a digital gain. This means a factor used in the conversion from the analog (photon counting) to the digital signal (your image).

I am always a little worry to oversaturate/break the detector and I am not sure where this is occurring.
On the Leica SP8 if you set the HyD-detector to photon counting mode the gain is at 10%. Is this the true signal detected without digital gain?



Hi Antonio!
I’m working on an SP8 too. If I’m not mistaken, the gain on HyD detectors is just basically rescaling of the signal i.e. resetting of the digital dynamic range. Our HyDs beep when they’re overloaded (I usually say they start to cry) so I would say with fair certainty that you can’t burn it by increasing the gain.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: