Micro-Manager CSU-W1 dual camera setup: Can't address secondary dichroic


I am in the process of setting up a dual camera CSU-W1 setup.

This is working well so far, except I seem to not be able to address the secondary dichroic / light path changer in micro manager. Is there a device for this? To elaborate, this secondary dichroic guides the light to camera 1 (empty or glass), camera 2 (mirror), or to both (long pass 561 nm beam splitter)

When setting up the CSU-W1 in Micro-Manager, I can see the “CSU-W1 Dichroic Mirror”, but this is the main dichroic that separates the illumination and emission light. I also see indeed 2 filter wheels, one in front of each camera. But I don’t see the secondary dichroic.

Did anyone already set up Micro-Manger with dual-camera and a CSU-W1 unit? Is there maybe a device that I am somehow missing?

Thank you for your help!

ping @nico.stuurman (apologies for the many pings :sweat_smile: )

crosspost on github: CSUW1 device adapter Dichroic misses a position · Issue #458 · micro-manager/mmCoreAndDevices · GitHub

solved by @nico.stuurman on the GitHub issue.

The “image splitter” in MM is called “CSUW1-Port”