Micro-Manager MultiCamera: Display camera images side-by-side

Hello everybody out there using µManager,

Installing two cameras worked well using the MultiCamera module.
The images are displayed after each other upon opening “Live” mode.
Since the cameras just display the same field of view at different wavelength, it would be nice to see their images side-by-side.
I haven’t found a way so for to do so.

In the Inspector window, switch to “Composite” mode to see a 2 color overlap of the two channels.

To get the two channels side by side, there are multiple steps to take. First, use the gear icon in the bottom right of the viewer window to open a “New Window for this data”. Make sure that both window are displayed in Grayscale (you do this in the Inspector window). Then press the lock icon just above the gear icon until it is red (press it twice). Move the channel slider of one of the two viewers to the right, the other to the left, so that they display different channels. Pressing Snap or Live will now show the two channels side by side.

Thanks a lot for this solution, which was exactly what I was looking for!

The screenshots below sum up what you described in words and hopefully help everyone with the same problem arriving here by web search: