Two camera image splitter caomptible with ~24mm field of view?

Planning a system with a CSU-W1 and two cameras. I was told that the Yokogawa system for two cameras suffers from a difficult alignment procedure between the two cameras, and the need to re-align whenever one switches the dichroic splitting the signal to the two cameras. Therefore entertaining other options (like the Cairn Twin Cam), but realizing that the 16x17mm field of view of the W1 mandates unobstructed view of 23.4mm, which can not be achieved through a C-mount (such as used in the Twin Cam). Are there image splitters with a wider field of view on the market?

Does anyone have experience using two cameras on a W1, and are you willing to share your experiences (especially concerning ease of alignment, stability, and field of view)?

Hi @nico.stuurman It looks like the Cairn TwinCam now support T and F mounts. The latest data states sensor support up to 32mm diagonal. Dual Emission Image Splitter for simulanteous full chip image capture Hope this helps.



Also, the Crest X-Light V3 might be a consideration. The uniformity is great, it supports a 25mm FOV and Is extremely easy to align the cameras.

All the best