Shutter control for a Zeiss colibri system

Hi, I have a Zeiss AxioImager Z1 with two illumination types, a mercury lamp and a Colibri LED system. I control it via MicroManager 2.0. The hardware profile I use has the filters set correctly, and the shutter control works for the transmitted light, reflected light and the Colibri light source (LEDs are switched on or off).

My issue is that I need to trigger together the Colibri light source and the reflected light shutters together for the Colibri. How would I do that?

Second question: how do I set the intensity of the Colibri in MicroManager? I can set it up manually with the control pad we have, but MicroManager only allows me to turn the LEDs on or off.
Thanks for your help!

I wrote the software to control the Colibri a very long time ago (more than a decade;). It is quite nice that it still kind of works. In the mean time, Zeiss has added features (and I may not have implemented all features available back then). I no longer have direct access to one of these. It would be very nice if someone in possession of the hardware and who likes coding (in C++) would updated that code a bit to do things such as intensity control.

As for the reflected light shutter, why not open it at the beginning of your session (for instance, in the System-Startup group)? If you control the Colibri directly, there will be no other light coming through that port.

If you really want them to open and close at the same time (which will mainly slow you down and wear out that reflected light shutter), you can use the Multi-Shutter device (one of the “Utility” devices).

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