Having both Zen Blue and MM on the same system

Hi all,

I am inheriting a ZEISS LSM710 confocal. Ideally, I want to add a Hamamatsu ORCA-Fusion BT camera on the same scope to use it for both confocal and widefield applications. However, Zen Blue 2.3 (which the highest version of Zen supporting LSM710) does not support Fusion cameras. So I was wondering if I can have both Zen Blue and MM on the same system and run the microscope with Zen when doing confocal and with MM when doing widefield imaging.

Thanks for your help.



Yes, you can. There’s only one problem: Zeiss ZEN runs 2 Windows services in the background: CZCanSrv and the MTBService. To access Zeiss components in MicroManager, you will have to stop both to run MM and start them again before running ZEN. Can be done either on the command line (using Microsofts’s ‘sc’ commands, where ‘sc’ stands for ‘service control’), or (more convenient) in Windows batch scripts.

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