Auto focus (definite focus) module zeiss LSM 510

Hi all.
I would like to know if someone knows or has an auto focus module for a Zeiss LSM 510 running on Zen 2009.

I am doing live tissue imaging on such equipment and due to the lack of an auto focus module, I have to adjust the z position manually.

Does someone has any idea on how to implement an auto focus module?

I appreciate any suggestions or ideas.

Hi Alejandro,

This is something to ask your Zeiss rep about, as it depends on the type of stand you are using your LSM 510 with. Definite Focus only came out many years after the LSM 510 was released, so chances are that you would need a new/newer microscope body to get hardware autofocus capabilities. There might be third-party solutions for your case, but I am not aware of any.

Did you try software autofocus? With tissue samples, you might be able to get good results by using brightfield illumination.


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Hi Alejandro, Seconding Michael’s suggestion to touch base with your local Zeiss Rep. There is a macro called MultiTime that allows for image-based auto focus and just about any other permutations you would like to add–multiple positions each with different Z-stack features and/or tiling features, etc. I don’t remember if that’s the only option for image-based auto focus nor if it costs extra. MultiTime is both amazingly capable and complicated, so have patience as you work through the handbook (it’s great!). Good luck!


Hi Michael.
That is something I feared, that the system would be too old for that. But I will definitely contact the zeiss rep.
Thank you for your help.

Hi FischCsCells
Thank you for the suggestion. I will look more into MultiTime macro.