Diptera/mosquito archived slide of curious view

It has so chanced I have managed now 3 years of collection to slide…*library. Diptera. mosquito,
Walla Walla, county, WA. CONUS.

At year one exemplar, *unstained, light field survey
and curious as to near mouth part, glandular view,
I executed import to V Cell 7, Frap toolbar,
hence to bleach. In particular, at near center
*right of ocular loci. *center. Note the particular shape


I continue to be curious as to potential best method…*image and actual slide…revisit with additional mallable…stain technique…and near future…capture with very specific prep assay, to revisit the slide composition at near mouth part visual survey…*as to satisfy the goal…additional study. And in particular, to define generational resolve at the near ocular, near mouth part glandular…substrait…observed. One outstanding particular: identify instar trait or commensal define.

Frap evidence post bleach, as rendered, from attached light field view…demonstrated a density gradient in general as a grey scale finding,
to near center of light field capture.

I ask for interested…insight./… welcome guidance and comment, as I found the vasculature… shape, compelling. And, in fact, remain confounded as to the origin…ongoing potential for sequence data to species and instar developmental character at observed data.

For instance, at the field shown, via 400%, 500% render,
note the near ocular (center)…margin. Known female at blood meal forage, *capture.