Microscope models for dissected mosquito ovaries!

Hello there,

I am a medical entomologist working on a research project which will soon require the use of a compound microscope. Except for some practical classes taken during my undergraduate and Master’s degrees, my technical knowledge of microscopes is fairly limited so I wondered if someone with more expertise here could point me in the right direction!

Our team is looking to buy a microscope for visualising dissected mosquito ovaries and the eggs contained inside them. The mosquito eggs within the ovaries can be visualised well at around 400x magnification. We are also looking to take pictures of the ovaries so a microscope fitted with a camera which can be connected to a computer would be desirable. We probably aren’t looking to spend much more than $1,000 but can be flexible depending on your advice. Based on this admittedly limited description, are there any models you would recommend?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


There are many options out there. I recommend contacted a couple of local microscopy sales folks to have them walk through them with you.