Lightfield 3D microscopy

Hi all!

I’m happy to join this exciting forum to learn more about microscopy!
Let me introduce myself, I’m César Gil, CEO at Doitplenoptic.

Have you ever heard about lightfield microscopy? What is your opinion about it?
Let me share with the community a not-so-well-known 3D in-vivo imaging technique based on Fourier lightfield. This is a paper about FIMIC written by full professors Manuel Martinez-Corral and Genaro Saavedra

I’m keen to know the microscopy community opinion about it. I want to understanding your challenges and needs for 3D imaging. We want to build a community “DOIT friends” since we think we can bring 3D microscopy to almost any scientist in the world.

Please help me to help you! #letsDOIT3D!

Thank you very much in advance!

PS. yes, there’s a bit of commercial interest but also the honest will to understand the needs and helping the scientific community! :kissing_heart:

Hi @Cesar,
I wrote to the contact email of the company. I am interested in learning more about the product and would be keen on trying a demo. Do come back to me, please.

Hi @ACrevenna!

Many thanks for your interest!
I’ve just sent you an email.
We are also keen to have early adopters on board to improve the technique together with experts.

I look forward to talking to you.
Kind regards!

#LetsDOIT3D! :microscope: