Zeiss Axio Imager Z1m: TFT touch screen error

Dear folks,

Does anyone here have experience with troubleshooting the microscope touch screen TFT, with which one can choose objective, illumination etc? This one here gets stuck some time during the startup:



Turns out that a small backup battery had died. It is sat somewhere at the back of the microscope. Replace this, reload the settings, and you are back to imaging.

PS: If you do not yet have the option to replace the battery, and you are at the stage of that photo where the TFT screen is white with a black cross:
• press the black cross with your finger
• the black cross will jump to one of the corners, keep pressing the black cross again till it finishes its ‘startup thing’
• it will then make it through the startup, but it will have lost the info on which filters / objectives etc. are in the microscope, however it is usable for imaging
• reload the settings in your acquisition software, which you hopefully have available somewhere (here it is axiovision; a manual, another manual, search for MTB in these guides)

And this info may be useful:

Dear all,

I have the same freezing issue with the cross at the center. I tried to restart the microscope a few times but the TFT screen turns black totally. I replaced the backup battery at the back but that did not help. Any more suggestions will be appreciated!! Thank you!

Where is the backup battery located? I am having this issue and am unable to find the backup battery.