Black horizontal lines in LSM 880 airy scan

Hi fellow scientist,

As you can see, I have a problem with black horizontal lines in my images that appear after I acquire it (they cannot be seen when looking through the microscope). I have tried unidirectional acquiring, decreasing the speed and nothing helped. I know some people with similar issues were experiencing problems with the table on which the microscope standa, but I doubt that is the problem for us? Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance:)

Are you seeing these lines only in the image display? Have you saved an image and tried to view it elsewhere?

We see this occasionally with certain large frame sizes and it is due to the graphics card not rendering the image display properly. The data is actually fine - but the display has a hard time keeping up with the huge data sets the Airyscan can render sometimes.

Thank you for answering. I will try to look at the image in ImageJ perhaps. So far, we only see black lines on PC display, not when looking directly through the microscope itself. I will update you. Have a nice weekend.

Hi @amgenetics , I am not able to point out exactly what is wrong, but are you maybe looking at a raw airyscan image?

In my limited experience with an 880 AiryScan (1st generation), the raw data looked weird on the display. Since it contains 32 channels, one for each detector in the array, and I assumed that it was just a software bug during display.

Does the image look normal after airyscan processing?

Does this problem also occur when you use another detector that is not an airyscan array detector (possibly a GaAsP)? Or when you mess with fast/slow airyscan settings?

After all, I think this may be an issue to discuss with Zeiss directly.

Hopefully it’s been figured out by now, but the horizontal black lines could be a result of laser issues. What are the pixel values in those black horizontal lines?