Webinar: 3D super-resolution light sheet microscopy with DHO e-PSF

Advanced Techniques Webinar Series: 3D super-resolution light sheet microscopy with DHO e-PSF

In the September webinar of our Advanced Techniques series Dr. Anna-Karin Gustavsson of Rice University will present work combining light sheet microscopy with super-resolution single molecule localization microscopy using DHO’s engineered-PSF technology for the study of whole mammalian cells including imaging of the primary cilium and the glycocalyx.

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When: 15 September, 2020, 10 am MDT / 12 noon EDT / 6 pm CEST

Register here: http://www.doublehelixoptics.com/events/

Double Helix Optics’ SPINDLE® imaging modules add 3D capability to your microscope to enable 4D single molecule/particle tracking, 3D single molecule localization imaging, and extended depth of field whole cell imaging. Adding a SPINDLE module to your existing microscope enables you to achieve more than 6x the depth of a conventional objective with no scanning in z.

About our Advanced Techniques webinar series: Each month we feature scientists’ first-hand experience using Double Helix Optics 3D imaging technology to advance scientific discovery. Our October webinar will highlight the work of Professor Steven Lee, Cambridge University.

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