RMS Dictionary of Light Microscopy

I am working together with the Royal Microsopical Society to update their nifty little handbook entitled “RMS Dictionary of Light Microscopy”. This was first published in 1989 and as you can imagine we’ve had a few Light Microscopy terms coined since. I am reaching out to the Light Microscopy community to help me identify those new terms that are missing from the first publication and am basically asking for your help! The index from the original handbook can be found here and you can also suggest new/missing terms on this webpage.

terms already suggested have been…Adaptive optics, Super-resolution, fourier transform, Light Sheet

If you want to see what the original handbook looks like you can see it here on my twitter stream.

Thanks for your help!!

Joelle :slight_smile:

Please feel free to forward this request to other Light Microscopy contacts!


Maybe Bessel beams.

If you have super-resolution, I assume that goes with all of the variants, STED SIM STORM, etc?
Acronyms like FLIM and FRET?
Holographic microscopy?

Im missing point spread function somehow :smiley:

Good spot! (pun intended)

I had to go check my hardcopy to check whether I could find it elsewhere. Perhaps in 1989 it wasnt as important :sweat_smile:

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