Multi-camera imaging (C-mount, direct to chip) microscopy

Hello. Can any of you point me to a light microscope (standard Kohler illumination full-field scope - not scanning confocal) that has the ability to record from 3 separate C-mount cameras simultaneously with direct-to-chip projection? That is, similar to the situation shown in this tweet of mine:
By ‘direct-to-chip’ I mean not using eyepiece socket mounted C-mount reduction optic adapters.


I used to have an Olympus IX71 with a bottom port; I believe it can take 3 cameras.

Nikon Eclipse Ti2 also has a bottom port plus it looks like also left and right.

However, I don’t think light can be sent to all 3 ports simultaneously without modification; must switch between ports.

Thanks @estebanf - it looks like the IX71 could manage it. I stand educated. Also looks like you need a hefty grant or work in a well-funded lab / institute to stand a chance of getting time on one.
I wonder if there are any upright scopes that can do it (apart from PUMA, of course).
One of my goals in designing PUMA and making it 3D printable and open source was to open up advanced microscopy and microimaging to people who may not otherwise have such good fortune.

Cairn is the best commercial option I have worked with (no commercial interest - just a happy user). We have their TwinCam but their MultiCam can support up to 4 cameras:

That’s excellent - it’s nice to know about the other options out there. Thanks.