STED Nanoruler and/or Calibration

Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody knows of a good option for calibrating STED resolution? I’m aware of

(and their 3D option, but not sure how that’s setup… are they all vertical maybe?)

Are there others?

I also thought I’d run some 40nm nanodiamonds as they don’t bleach!

Thanks for your time.

We are using 40-nm-beads from the alignment sets of Abberior. They can be used for up to a year or so with rather little bleaching (at least those for a 775 nm STED laser).

Hi Thomas, thanks for the info. We just received our alignment set and we’ll proceed with that.

I found out that the bikanta nanodiamonds are are excited by the 775nm STED line. Given they don’t bleach, I wonder if they might serve as a nice option to generate STED PSFs?

Are STED donut PSFs a thing? Does anybody know?

For STED PSFs, can’t we image the backscattered signal of gold nanoparticles?