Anybody experience with new Alexa-Plus antibodies with 775nm STED?

Dear all,
I have heard that the new generation of Alexa-Plus dyes from Thermo may be superior for use with STED applications. We do STED @ 775nm - so we are mostly interested if any of you may have tested Alexas 594, 647, 680. We are always concerned on: STEDability at 775nm and cross-excitation with the STED laser.
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@UlrikeBoehm or @MarkB - do you know anything about the Alexa-plus dyes for STED?

As far as I have heard, Alexa 647 works well with STED, although I haven’t used it myself. Whether there is any difference in performance with the Alexa Plus dyes, I can’t answer.

On a related note, does anyone know what is the structural difference between the standard Alexa dyes and the plus dyes? Has any testing been done in SMLM? @suliana?

Or maybe @melikel?
I emailed the link to this discussion to one of the probe R&D scientists at Thermo and requested some insight.

Unfortunately I haven’t tried these dyes. Would be interested to know how they work for superres

I am also very curious about this! Haven’t tested it yet but have some SMLM users that might be willing to test. Will report here if that test ever happens.