Statistics for Quantification of Microscopy Images

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Is there a general guide or resource for the proper statistics of data generated by microscopy images? MFI per cell, intensity per image/roi, etc. I cannot find a good resource. We have a biostats core, but they charge a lot of money that our users do not go to them.


For statistics about microscope images, I recommend publications including keywords like ‚Äúsignal to noise ratio‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúsignal to background‚ÄĚ and other microscope focused terms. QUAREP-Limi is working on pinning down some of these ideas and values.

For analysis of images, I recommend posting to the, as there are no set values for the analysis of microscope images, everything is experimentally dependent. Some people will want to measure the sum intensity of fluorescence in the nucleus, while others want to measure the average cell membrane intensity over time. Images contain a wealth of information, and that is part of why cores exist to help with that sort of analysis. You might start with online courses in Fiji by Robert Haase (01a Introduction to Bio-Image Analysis - YouTube) or this e-book by Pete Bankhead (Introduction · Analyzing fluorescence microscopy images with ImageJ).

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