Anisotropy on a W1

I manage a W1 with a Cairn Twin Cam and two 95Bs. We would ideally like to use the dual cameras with a polarizing beamsplitter to look at anisotropy in a fluorescence image. However, I’m unsure whether polarization is maintained as the emitted photons go through the disk. Does anyone have experience with this? Also, can anyone recommend a plugin that will allow us to quickly analyze data.



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Hi Eric, the man to ask about this would be John Oreopoulos, whose PhD thesis focused on the use of polarization in TIRF and spinning disc systems.

I don’t know his current contact - he worked for Andor the last I heard.

Thanks Tim. I also contacted Gareth at Cairn, and there is an issue with the maintenance of excitation polarization within the X1 and presumably the W1. So, we’re going to probably try the anisotropy experiments with a PBS and TIRF.

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