Sophos anti-virus with Revvity/Perkinelmer Opera/Operetta

Is anyone else out there running an Opera or Operetta system from Revvity (PerkinElmer) with Sophos anti-virus software? We’ve run into problems with this suddenly last week, and something has obviously changed, but don’t know what.
It seems these two have always been awkward together, and if you don’t get the exemptions right the antivirus starts scanning all the database jobs in the background and it all soon grinds to a halt.
Other than exempting everything from the virus scan and gradually adding bits back by trial and error, there’s no clear indication of what needs to be done. Any help much appreciated. Thanks!


Just updating this in case it’s of use to anyone else:
We haven’t managed to find a way of resolving this yet, and the suspicion is that Sophos has been updated such that it now treats the older backend of Harmony4.9 and 5.1 (SQL server 2012) as a security risk, and is interfering with it.
Revvity have told us they will expedite the upgrade of our systems to Harmony5.2, which is based on the newer SQL 2019, which should solve this issue (apparently other users who run Harmony5.2 with Sophos have not experienced the same issue as us).