Sample preparation resource / books / websites - Light Microscopy

Hi All

I’ve been thinking about collating a resource around sample preparation for light microscopy techniques. Somewhere that would detail those basic, long-lived sample prep tips and tricks so that new users do not waste time repeating the mistakes of others. I came to microforum as I thought this was also a valuble resource.

Are there any useful books / websites out there you can recommend?

Are there any sample prep resources that are missing?

I come from a FCS background and would love more resources and discussion around this topic.

Thanks for any thoughts!!

Hi Joelle,

One of my favorite sample prep resources is Protein Localization by Fluorescence Microscopy: a Practical Approach, a book edited by Viki Allan. It came out in 2000 so there are some parts that are out of date (for instance, there are tons of new FPs since 2000) but a lot of it is essential stuff that hasn’t changed. It’s my go-to resource for immunofluorescence sample prep info.


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