RappOpto Dichroic Stripes

Hi all,

We have a RappOpto Photomanipulation Unit (UGA-42 Firefly) installed on our Olympus IX83 2-deck Yokogawa W1 Spinning disk. We purchased the Firefly with two dedicated laser lines for photomanipulation: 405nm and 473nm. For imaging, the Spinning disk has four lines: 405, 488, 561 and 640. The lasers for photomanipulation and the imaging lasers are coupled into the microscope using different ports, coupling them in via the same port is not possible.

Therefore, to combine photomanipulation and imaging, the system requires a dichroic mirror that reflects the photomanipulation laser (e.g. 473 nm) and at the same time transmits the imaging laser (e.g. 488 nm). The tripple bandpass dichroic provided by RappOpto ([355/405/473], see [1]) solves this task in principle, but unfortunately generates some stripped patterns on the images when imaging with 488 nm. We organized a tailor-made single band for 473nm with a steeper transition between reflection and transmission, hoping this could be the solution. However, it only partially got rid of the pattern.

Did anybody else encounter this issue and could solve it? We learned that a specific dichroic coating would help in this regard. Does anybody have experience with this coating?

Many thanks!

Best regards,
Kai and Sara.

[1] ZT355/405/473rpc | Chroma Technology Corp