Part search double c-mount adapter for 3DHistech wsi scanner

This is a blatant self-interested request. I’m hoping someone here has the “double adapter” part they no longer need, for our “vintage” 3DHistech scanner, and are willing to part with.

I ran across the PUMA project ( that could probably lead to a method to 3D-print this part. But I would like to find something simpler.

I’m looking for a “double adapter” for our MiraxSCAN 150 BF/FL scanner (purchased from 3DHistech/Zeiss ~2008) as pictured in the user manual below. The adapter, also used by the MiraxMIDI BF/FL scanner, consists of 2 C mounts with a manual switch (not a beam-splitter) that allows 2 cameras to be mounted simultaneously and used alternaely (but not simultaneously).

I expect we originally purchased this part but it’s “lost” now. 3DHistech/Epredia (current distributor) hasn’t been able to identify a source. Seems like some vendor (photoscopes) might sell such a thing but online searches also have not been successful.

Please let me know if you have this part and can part with it or if you know where we can obtain this part from another vendor.