Open Zen Black & Blue remotely


Is it possible to open somehow Zen Black & Blue (Zeiss) remotely (using windows remote desktop) in a way that it finds the licence ?


Using a remote desktop something like teamviewer should not give any problems with starting up software on the machine you have a licence on.

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I’ve found that if I have Zen Black up and loaded on my work PC I can remote in from home and use the modules I need. However…if I start Zen remotely then I can only use basic functions.

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Yes, I am in the same situation. But since both Zen Black & Blue have a propensity to crash it is an issue if I can’t open it again.

Does Zen crash for you during a particular process or is it random?

I am mainly analysing FCS traces…and as long as I don’t do anything complicated (like FCCS) then I tend to be fine. Might be worth dropping Zeiss an email if its something particular that causes the crash as there may be a useful update out there for you.

My normal back-up is getting a work colleague to reset my PC etc :wink:

I tend to open and process very large files (over 60 GB to 1TB) and it sometimes crashes.

I havent tested this but have you tried opening ZEN from the commandline instead of via a link on the desktop. Windows might handle the two a bit different.

additionally you can specify as which user you want to run it using

runas /user:<domain\the local machine username> “c:\ZEN\AIMApplication.exe”

Hi everyone,

I regularly use AnyDesk to access a machine running Zen with licenced modules, without issues. Just have to make sure you set it up to start remote access automatically from a white-listed user. I use that in combination with remote wake-on-LAN to process images when the station is available, usually late hours.

A word of caution: ensure not to use it in a machine that’s being already used to perform acquisition (as could be my case), as you might disrupt ongoing experiments (and certainly annoy colleagues).