Zeiss ELYRA7- user group - forming?

Hi All - We are integrating a Zeiss ELRYA7 with SIM and point localization into our core facility and are wondering if other groups out there would be interested in communicating about their experience. I was thinking to form a sort of user group to help each other. And if we have similar problems we could address them to Zeiss as a group or at least have more than one system with a similar issue. We are still rather early in our core usage of the ELRYA7, but have already found Zen software glitches. We are also figuring out the best status of the system - for instance certain parts left on all the time for the system being ready and “warmed up” - and which aspects to teach users to perform and which the core staff should do. If you are interested in communicating more, please feel free to email me directly at lisa.cameron@duke.edu. But it would also be great if you post here on microlist to see how much interest there is (at first). Thanks! Happy imaging - Lisa

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Hello Lisa, I wish you well with the ELYRA SIM. Is it the new lattice SIM2, or an earlier version? I have the ELYRA PALM in my facility. I leave everything off, and have clustered the incubator heater and gas mixer together on a remotely switched power cord. Anyone using 37C gets the first hour free on a 3+ hour booking, so they aren’t paying for warmup and stabilization. Otherwise, we use the three breaker switches as supplied by Zeiss. We also have confocal, so one other mod is to have an air flow meter on the exit of the Argon laser. Users have to see air flow drop before killing power, to protect the laser with a full cool-down cycle. All the other lasers don’t care. Hope that helps. David oQQQQQ@

Hi - thanks. The system we have is ELYRA7 with lattice SIM and point localization installed this year, but we do not have the SIM2. I’d be glad to learn from and/or interact with people who have any ERYRA system. I was thinking to form a sort of user group if people are interested.
David - thanks for the pointer about your booking and startup plan. Our system is only lattice SIM, point localization (or TIRF and also Apotome 2). The lasers are diode lasers for TIRF or SIM, but the “warm-up” of the system is still key for overall stability. We have been leaving the main switch and the components on all the time and turning off the HPX metal halide separately and the computer (we haven’t had a lot of live samples yet). The lasers are all controlled in the software, so are off until the computer and software are turned on for usage (the way we have been running it). Thanks.

Hi Lisa,
I don’t have an Elyra, but would be interested if anyone checked how the system performs and how is the improved resolution could be achieved. I am also interested because I would like a SIM system in my unit, so I’m keeping an eye open.

We demoed back in 2019 the Elyra w/ lattice SIM and used the 3 different samples: beads, Argolight slide, and EdU cells stained for EdU. We were testing it to see how it performs compared to our OMX V3. Unfortunately, we found that there was a resolution asymmetry when a pattern of lines is imaged in various angles. On the Argolight SIM slide, this was the pattern E, gradually spaced lines at 4 different orientations. We found that while we did see some resolution improvement with the vertical and horizontal orientation, this improvement wasn’t reproducible at -45 or 45 degrees. We could not find anyone to discuss the technical details or discuss how was the resolution improvement obtained in Elyra’s white paper. In the end, it was a demo system and we concluded that nothing can outperform the V3. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if anyone looked into this?
Cheers and Happy imaging!

Hi Lisa,
We have purchased a lattice SIM/SIM2 ELYRA7, which will be installed in March next year here at the Max Perutz Labs in Vienna, Austria. We would be interested i n having a user forum founded, which will definitely help identify general and specific issues all ELYRA7 users will become confronted with. I also agree that a dedicated user group will have a greater chance to find attentive ears at Zeiss. You may also contact me directly at josef.gotzmann@meduniwien.ac.at
Merry Christmas everyone,

Thanks Josef and others. Glad to help form an ELYRA7 user group. Happy New Year all - feel free to get in touch here or directly - lisa.cameron@duke.edu