Nucleic acid stain-Chromatin banding-SIM

We are looking for a nucleic acid stain that can show chromatin banding, but does not fall into the DAPI and Hoechst wavelength. We need to observe chromatin banding on a SIM super resolution. However, this scope didn’t come with a DAPI laser when purchased. Does anyone know any way to overcome this? I called Thermo Fisher to recommend some of their green nucleic acid dyes, but they do not know any that has been tested for chromatin banding.

Thank you!

Does it have a 405nm laser? If so you should be able to image with this. It isn’t the most efficient but it does generate signal. You may end up having to use longer exposure times but fine for not living samples.
Or, try to replicate this

I don’t know if it works for chromatin banding, but I’ve used TO-PRO3, which works with a 640 or 647 laser, there is also DRAQ5 that works in the same far red.