Mineral and silicone oil for Lightsheet microscopy

Dear all,
We are looking to use oil for refractive index matching with the new version of the CUBIC (CUBIC-L and CUBIC -R). We need large quantities (30ml of mililiters for each run).
The final RI will be 1.52
Does anybody have sources to order silicone and mineral oil for Europe ?
And do you have some advice, how to wash the chamber of the lightsheet, how to mix the different oil and if they are stable etc…

I found from a paper
Shin Etsu silicones oil HVAC F-4 RI 1.555 (US compagny)
mineral oil (RI = 1.467,M8410,Sigma-Aldrich ok for EU)

https://www.cargille.com/immersion-oils/ is a popular choice for low-cost immersion oils in microscopy.

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Do how know if it’s better to buy an unique oil at 1.51 or if I really need to mix silicones and mineral oil?