Clearing protocole for Lightsheet microscopy

I read some article, and I found a lot of different protocol for the clearing.

We already use some protocol in our platform with a lightsheet Z1 from Zeiss.

  • X clarity for adult mice brain
  • CUBIC for organoid and embryo mice brain
  • RapiClear +/- RIMS for small samples (with +/- result)
  • Reverse BABB (an organic solvent based method) for lungs. Careful organic solvent properties can be very corrosive for the lens. This is why We reverse a bit the protocol.

Do you have some other protocol to share with me based on your experiment?

Are you looking for more of a review of clearing techniques?

One of our users is trying FlyClear

CubicL and Ethyl Cinnamate work very well an a large variety of samples…

This article from the Chung lab was suggested to me while we were demoing a Z1:
It has some interesting cost breakdowns, among other things.

Dear Mix,
yes I looking for new protocol. If possible between RI 1.33 and RI 1.45 or 1.49
Thank you for this protocol.

We have in the plateform a Z1 from Zeiss and I’m worried about Ethyl Cinnamate because RI will be 1.56
My microscope is set to work with 1.33 or 1.45. I already try the CUBIC 2 with success +/- RI 1.48
Do you have some advice to reduce RI with Ethyl Cinnamate?

Thank your for your answer. We already use the X-Clarity protocol with success on brain but this protocol is not very good for small samples and lungs.