Micromanager Fails to Load Chameleon3 CM3-U3-31S4M

Micromanager latest version 2.0.0 (july 13, 2021) fails to configure the hardware configuration wizard for the Spinnaker Camera (Chameleon3 CM3-U3-31S4M). During the hardware configuration the Micromanager list modules show the Camera name. Once it is clicked, it also shows the version of the camera. As soon as the the next button is clicked, it fails to load and a message pops out : Error in device “Chameleon3 CM3-U3-31S4M”: Spinnaker: GenlCam:: AccessException = Node is not readable. :AccessException thrown in the node ‘LUTValue’ while calling ‘LUTValue.GetValue()’ (file ‘IntegerT.h.’, line 149 [-2006] (10002)

We have tried using the Spin View app for the Spinnaker Camera, and it is detecting fine. Only micromanager fails to load the same.
I have attached some screenshots of the error. Please have a look

Screenshot (58)