Micro Manager fails to load the add Mad City LAbs Nano DRive Z positioning stage

I was trying to run the Mad City Lab Nano Drive - Z100 with the help of Micromanager. However, every time I try to add the MCL Nano Drive Z stage through the Micro Manager it fails. It says, MCL handle error (-8). The number on the stage is MCLS02751.

I have already installed Mad City Labs in the PC and the Device Manager is showing properly, which is also upto-date. Also, the .dll file for the Mad City Labs is there in the Micro Manager Folder.

I have tried controlling the stage with the help of LabVIew and it works. However, I cannot control the same with the Micro Manager. Please help me with a solution.

I believe this was resolved at Micro Manager fails to load Mad City Labs Nano Drive Z positioining stage - Usage & Issues - Image.sc Forum

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Yes, this was aleardy resolved as we have discussed in the Image.sc Forum.

Thanks again.