Membrane dye for fixed samples

Good morning!

Could anyone recommend a membrane marker for fixed cells?

The membrane dyes I tried MemBrite® Fix 488 membrane stain just washed away during the immunostaining process.

I would appreciate help from those of you who have tested and it worked for them. Please also mention what you use to fix the sample. Thank you.


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Hi Nadia, it will be the permeabilisation strep that removes the membrite not the fixation. Perhaps go in with the label at the end? The company should help you here.

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Darren is correct. I might add that many of the commercial membrane dyes will indicate on the products page(s) whether the fixable or not, and there are man ways to permeabilize cells, whether they are appropriate for your experiment or not is always a question, for example digitonin or saponin rather than triton x…Good luck with your experiments.

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