Objective warmer on oil objective without temp correction collar


Is it recommended to use an objective such as the Nikon CFI Plan Fluor 40x Oil /1.30 (https://www.microscope.healthcare.nikon.com/selectors/objective-comparison/-1829) for long-term live cell imaging at 37 degrees?

My gut says no because there’s no correction collar for temperature (hello aberrations). One other concern is if the objective warmer is potentially harming glue or something else within the objective.

(You may assume it’s a thin adherent sample on the coverglass)

Thank you all in advance.

I have long-term imaged using an Olympus 40x oil 1.30 without a collar and it was great. The oils can change a bit when in air for that long (how long are you planning to go?, it depends on the type of oil), so being able to pause the system, clean the objective, re-oil and re-focus during the imaging is an advantage. Be sure to ‘pre oil’, what I mean is, do the procedure like normal, but then focus, move around, spread some oil around the area of interest, then add a bit more oil, otherwise, what happens is that the oil spreads and you’ll lose focus or get an air bubble. The oil may be a bit thinner at 37C also, and thereby spread out more. I’ve heard that silicone lenses are great for this as the silicone moves as a column - coupling the objective to the glass as it moves in X-Y, and it doesn’t spread very much. Good luck!