Image Flipper listens to a device property

I want to make a modified version of the image Flipper plugin such that it listens to the state of a device property. The image processor does its job in Live mode but not when I Snap an image. What am I missing?
Any pointers are really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Amit_Cherian,

It may be better to move this to (tag with micro-manager), as this is more software than hardware related. Micro-Manager kind of belongs in both forums, but most posts are happening in in any case (most likely since most everything is software related).

When I use the demo configuration, activate the Image Flipper plugin, check the “Mirror” checkbox, and press Snap, I do get a mirrored image. Can you provide the exact steps with the existing Image Flipper plugin that lead to it not working with Snap but only with Live? If you only experience this with the plugin you created, can you point us to the source?

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Thank you for the prompt resposen @nico.stuurman . Sorry, I am new to the environment and not sure how to move this post to general software-related issues. I will take care from the next post if that’s okay.
I used the files from here. In, I removed lines from 96 to 108 and replaced it with

if((studio.core().getProperty("DCam","ScanMode")).contains("2")) {
            proc = proc.rotateRight();
            proc = proc.rotateRight();

For reasons I cannot explain it works flawlessly now.
What I did to troubleshoot was to use the latest nightly build instead of the stable build.
It worked in the latest nightly build and then to reproduce the problem I switched back to the stable build and the problem was no longer there.
Thanks again for your support.